easter egg wall decor

Ok so it's about time I show y'all an Easter craft!

You guys have seen my Christmas and Halloween burlap signs, which are really cute, but can be pretty time consuming and messy to make.  So when I decided to make a little Easter decor, I knew I wanted to try using a different material....ALUMINUM WIRE SCREEN! It's easy to cut with your regular scissors, you can get a lot for cheap, and it doesn't make a huge mess!

You can find a roll of aluminum wire screen at Home Depot or Lowes in the back by the window stuff.

 Draw out an egg pattern on paper, tape it to the wire, and then cut it out.

 Now for the painting! (I used acrylic paint)
I found that the best way to paint this is by hanging a wire hanger so that it is not touching any surface (on the knob of a drawer that is pulled out) and letting the egg hang from it using a clothes pin to attach it. I hope that makes sense!

Starting with the base color.  Gently hold the screen with one hand while you glob on the paint with a big paint brush. Don't worry it doesn't have to be perfect and not all the tiny holes will be filled in.  That's what helps give it the shabby chic look.  You can add a second coat if you think it needs it, but luckily I didn't have to.

I mixed several colors together until I had a robin's egg blue I was satisfied with.
 Now for the fun part! Speckles!
After you let the screen hang dry completely, lay it on some cardboard or newspaper away from anything that you don't want to get paint on.  Mix a little paint with a little water in a shallow dish or bowl.  I used three different colors for the speckles to make it look more textured and dimensional.  Using a paint brush, have fun splattering the paint all over the egg.  Do this until you like how it looks then let it lay flat to dry.

Once it was dry I made a bow for the top and a little loop to hang it.  I hand tore strips of fabric at different lengths and gathered them together in the middle with another little strip, securing it with hot glue.  Then I attached the bow to the front of the egg, and the loop on the back using hot glue.

It's a very fun, stress relieving project since you don't have to worry about perfection.  The more messy the better! 

And the end result is pretty easy on the eyes!

I hung mine above my faux mantle to replace the hanging pine cones.
Sorry for the bad lighting!

So sorry I didn't share this Easter decor idea sooner! However, I think this would make a fab spring decoration so I'm going to leave it up a few more weeks!

Now what to do with all this left over wire screen...

Y'all know I'll be linking up to THESE parties!