happy halloween!

Check out my pretty pumpkin! I love it! 

It was just too pretty to carve or paint.

Here are some yummy and cute Halloween inspired recipes that would be so fun to make and eat today!

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!

murder mystery

Last night we went to our Sunday school class's murder mystery party.  It was so much fun seeing everyone get into character!

It was themed around the 70's, so we had to dress the part.  Let me introduce you all to Charles and Carol, detectives.  We were given character backgrounds before we arrived and once we got to the party we were given more information and different tasks to do throughout the night.  We also were given fake money, handcuffs, and a detective badge. 
The setting was our high school reunion and we were investigating a murder of one of our former classmates.  Everyone was a suspect.  The night got a little more interesting as more murders were committed.  It was a lot of fun playing a 70's detective but, we were not that great at it! After a few attempts at bribery,  Jake told me that you're not supposed to say, "I'll pay you money if you tell me what you know",  your supposed to be "smooth" about it! haha!  So I just left that part up to him.  At the end of the night everyone wrote down who they thought committed all the murders, and we also voted on best acting, and best costume.  We guessed completely wrong!  I had no clue!  So I guess it's good that I'm not a detective in real life!
With a little photo editing and our "vintage" apartment in the background, I think these pics look totally 70's!
He had a hard time smiling with that crazy mustache!  It's hard not to laugh when I look at this! 
Super groovy!  Right?
Jake would probably really look like this if he grew his hair out!

chalkboard pumpkin

I have seen chalkboard pumpkins all over the blog world, and I just had to make one myself.  I already had some brown chalkboard paint, so all I needed was a pumpkin.  I got a cheap fake pumpkin from Wal-mart, painted on a few coats, and started having some fun.

You can change up your pumpkin's look as often as you like!  These are some of the looks I've given my little pumpkin...

Simple, cheap, fun for years to come!

a crate&barrel christmas

I was just flipping through my new Crate&Barrel catalog and I found myself getting really inspired for Christmas decorating.  It may seem a little early to be thinking about Christmas but if you're on a budget like me, and want to make a lot of your decor, then you need to start soon. 

Also, if you don't get their catalog in the mail, you can view it on their website.


I want to live in a Crate&Barrel catalog!

 I love how they hung the cookie cutters.

How cute would these be at the kids table for Christmas dinner?

Mason jars with Christmas lights.  Definitely budget friendly. 

If you're short on space then this would be a great Christmas tree alternative.  And if you want a more rustic feel, it prob wouldn't be hard to make a version of this yourself using wood or branches.

 This also could be a great Christmas craft.  Wire + homemade snowflakes= unique Christmas decor 

They have a ton of really cute ornaments.  
DIY worthy?  You better believe it! 

Don't worry! I haven't forgotten about Thanksgiving!

(photos via crate&barrel)

halloween flashback

Just thought I'd show you how awesome my friends and I are! haha!  A few years ago we decided to dress up as Alice in Wonderland characters for Halloween.  Too cute!
All of our costumes were homemade. Isn't that Alice costume so ador! My bff Natalie (Pocket of Presh) made it!

I was the Cheshire Cat.

 The Caterpillar.  He made a fake hookah with a lamp. So creative.

With my Mad Hatter.

The King and Queen of Hearts!

My spooky chandelier pumpkin

Natalie carved a Conan pumpkin! Love it!


pine lake

This past weekend we took a little trip with a few friends to one of my fav places!  Our family tree farm, Pine Lake in Fayette, AL.  We had a lot of fun fishing, riding four wheelers, hiking, watching football (war eagle), playing horseshoes,  hitting golf balls (driving range style), and making creative s'mores!  My new fav way to make s'mores is to use chocolate covered graham crackers with a toasted strawberry marshmallow, so yum.  Another tasty s'mores alteration is to use a Reese's cup instead of Hersey's milk chocolate.

Pine Lake has always been such a special place for me and my fam to go and get away from the "real world".  My great-grandfather started the tree farm, and my grandparents have done an amazing job taking care of it and improving it through the years.  When I was little I thought everyone had their own Pine Lake but as I got older I began to understand how blessed I was.  I have made so many priceless memories here with my family and I know when I have kids they will cherish this place as much as I do.


 Such a fun trip! I left feeling refreshed.