rock collection

When I was little I loved to collect rocks!  Some of my favorite memories growing up were my parents taking me to the Discovery store and letting me pick out a precious stone.  I recently came across the old rock collection and decided that it was just too pretty to stay hidden in my closet.  So I did a little research for rock collection display ideas.
1. Flickr by lovemyashby 2. Cori Kindred 3. DesignSponge 4. Fashion Lane 5. Pinterest 6. Encore! Life


How fun would it be to have a swing inside your home! I've always secretly wanted one, so I decided to look up some inspiration.

I love this one! It's called the Swing Necklace!  It very sturdy and it comes in beechwood or wool felt. Jewelry for your home!

I think having a swing indoors adds fun and playfulness to a space, but it can also bring a relaxing, peaceful feeling.  Great way to unwind from a long day at work!

color blocking

I know you all are familiar with this huge trend in fashion right now...color blocking!  
Basically, it is assembling different blocks of solid color next to each other in an outfit.

It is all about color saturation on a neutral canvas!

1. The Blonde Salad 2. Atlantic-Pacific 3. Pinterest 4. Sterling Style

This trend isn't just for fashion anymore, it works great for interiors too!

When color blocking in fashion you typically only see 2-3 colors used, however since a room is a lot more space to work with, I think it is safe to use 2-5 colors for interiors.

Here are some visual examples…

via Lonny and Elle Decor
via Once Wed and Pinterest
via Pinterest and Once Wed
via Marie Claire Maison and Black.White.Yellow

If you are not up to committing to color blocking a whole room, try this trend in a small section of your home.  Like these books on this bookcase.

via Small Shop

So take a hint from this fashion trend and start color blocking your space!

coco's world

These are some Instagram pics from my phone that are just too cute not to share!
She can be shy...




and of course cuddly!

Happy Friday!

chalkboard napkin rings

I love polymer clay and I love chalkboard paint, so I decided to combine them for a fun little craft!

Chalkboard napkin rings!

Perfect for dinner parties!
What you need:
-ivory polymer clay (I used Sculpey clay)
-clay softener
-wax paper
-painters tape
-rolling pin
-baking sheet
-paint brush
-brown chalkboard paint

What to do:
 1. Prep you area and your clay
 -The polymer clay might stain and damage surfaces so lay out a piece of wax paper and tape down all sides with painters tape.
-Now you are ready to knead the clay.  The Sculpey clay is sectioned off in four parts, which can easily be broken off.  Knead each section separately.
-Work the clay with your hands until it is smooth and easy to shape.
-If needed, you can add a few drops off clay softener (I recommend)

2. Make the ring

-Take a section of the clay that you kneaded and roll it into a cylinder with your hands.
-Then lay it out on the wax paper and roll it flat using a rolling pin. (if the clay is sticking to the pin, it helps to rub a little clay softener on the pin) 
-It needs to be about 3/4 of and inch thick and about an inch wide.
-Now form into a ring shape.  You can look at a napkin ring you already have or a toilet paper roll to get the sizing right.
-Continue to form and sculpt until you are satisfied, but remember it doesn't have to be perfect.  Lumps and bumps give it character!
-However, if your fingerprints show up on the clay you can easily smooth those out by rubbing on a drop or two of clay softener.  This is also a great technique for smoothing out unwanted cracks.
-Now repeat these steps to make a set of napkin rings.

 3. Baking and painting
-Place you rings on a baking sheet.
-Bake at 275
°F for 15 min. (Be sure not to over bake)
-Once the clay rings have cooled, remove them from the baking sheet and get ready to paint.
-Paint a rectangle (or whatever shape you desire) onto the ring. It takes several coats of chalkboard paint.
-Wait 24 hours for the paint to fully dry, then rub the flat side of chalk over the painted area, and wipe off.
-Now you are ready to entertain with a fun new table accessory!

Most important thing to remember is that no two clay napkin rings have to be exactly alike!

 You can be specific...

Or have fun with it...

The possibilities are endless with polymer clay napkin rings! Get creative with your shapes and colors!
Like these mustache and lips napkin rings I made. For the lip color, I mixed a little 083 Red with 1689 Sunset, and a little 042 Black with 053 Chocolate for the mustache.  I rolled the clay out flat and thin and used a butter knife to cut out the shape I wanted.  After baking and cooling, I used E6000 to glue them to the clay rings.
Have fun and enjoy!

husband is 25!

Happy Birthday to my sweet husband, Jake!
I'm so thankful for the day that God blessed the world with such an amazing man!