Here is a light and fresh color scheme to get you in a cheerful, springtime mood!

(photo via lonny mag)

botanical calling cards

Check out my new calling cards!

I ordered them from SISKA Studio, a super cute Esty shop! 
These are the Botanical Calling Cards, and they come in five different floral designs.
I just love how unique they are!
Go take a look at her shop! She has a ton of adorable stationary and calling cards to choose from!

happy valentine's day

I hope everyone is enjoying their Valentine's Day!  It couldn't be a more beautiful day here in Auburn!

We started off the day sipping from our Mr. and Mrs. mugs that I painted for us!  The mugs are from Ikea and were just a few cents, and I used porcelain paint that's baked on.
I thought they were very festive and a great way to begin our Valentine's Day together!

 I love to make V'day cards for Jake. I think I have every year we've been together. 
This is the card I made for him this year...
Using doilies to make a Valentine card reminds me of my childhood. 

statement ring 3 ways

I have a few very simple ring DIYs to share with you guys! Get excited because these are perfect for Valentines Day!

Ring style #1

What you need:
-Wool or felt
-Fabric in similar color
-Hot glue gun

What to do:
-Cut a strip of wool 7 1/2" x 1/2"
-Using a glue gun, add a thin strip of glue to one side
-Fold in half to attach the ends (hot dog style) It should look like a straw.
-After the glue has dried, cut tiny silts down the length of the wool straw on the folded side. (Make sure not to cut all the way through)
-Now roll into a circle, petals facing up.  (hot glue as you coil to secure the flower shape)
-Cut a small circle of fabric to cover the bottom of the flower (attach with glue)
-All you have to do now is attach the ring to the back, and your done!

Ring Style #2

What you need:
-Thin cotton fabric (I used a really light pink)
-Thin cardboard (a cereal box works great)
-Hot glue gun

What to do:
-Cut a heart shape out of the cardboard. (whatever size looks best on your hand)
-Then cut the same size heart from the batting.
-You will also need to cut a heart out of the pink cotton fabric.  (it needs to be a little bit larger that the cardboard heart)
-Glue the batting heart on top of the cardboard heart.
-Place it batting side down on top of the fabric heart.
-Glue around the edge of the cardboard and fold the fabric tightly over the side.
 -Continue gluing and pulling until you are satisfied with the shape of the heart, and like the way it looks from the front.
-Now cut a heart shape from the felt (it needs to be a little bit smaller)
-Glue it to the back of the heart.
 -Glue the ring to the back of the heart, and enjoy your heart ring!

Ring Style #3

These are simply fabric covered buttons attached to a ring.

You could use a kit to cover the buttons, or if you just want to make these with things you already have, just follow my button earring tutorial.

Enjoy your weekend!

make it playful

I get some of the best decor inspiration from store displays, and while shopping with my mom the other day, I got just that! 

Anthropology always has the best displays, and I love it when I can easily apply some of their ideas to my decor!  One of my favorite ideas was some puzzle pieces surrounding a candle in a glass container. I loved it! So of course I headed straight to the thrift store and bought a puzzle.  I already had the perfect container and candle for my little project, so the total cost of this cute decor was only $1!

My second idea came from Consigning Interiors & Antiques in Pelham, AL.  There were a ton of great ideas there, but my fav was def the dominoes and dice in apothecary jars!  I have an apothecary jar that I usually keep filled with candy or mints, but I have been trying to think of something unique to put in it.  As soon as I saw it I knew dominoes would be the perfect thing.  I used my paw paw's old domino set, which makes it even more special. 

I think they add fun and playfulness to my home.

on a roll

My current favorite thing is my knitted iPhone case from On a Roll Cozies!  I actually bought this a few months ago in anticipation of getting a new phone, which I just recently got.  The color was exactly what I wanted and I had to buy it before someone else did! 

I love all things knitted and I was so excited when I happened upon this shop on Etsy!
I just love the cable knit detail! 
So wish I could knit like this!