diy: chalkboard magnet

I decided to combine my love for list making and my need for a more interesting refrigerator and make a cute chalkboard magnet! It is really easy, and can be made into any shape!

All you need is a paintable magnetic sheet, scissors or x-acto, and chalkboard paint in any color you want (I chose brown)

First just draw the shape you desire onto the magnet sheet.

Then cut it out, I found that a x-acto knife works best for detailed shapes.

Now all you have to do is paint on two coats!

Ridiculously simple and super cute!

pillow talk

I made pillows! I'm really proud of them! I like to brag when I successfully accomplish a sewing project.

I used a couple of old sweaters that I haven't worn in years, as well as some other left over fabric.

I made three throw pillows for our bed. So cute!

I also made some for the sofa. I'm getting pretty good at making ruffles!

the ultimate cake off

I am sooo excited! Barb Sullivan, the sweet lady that made my wedding cake is going to be on TLC's the Ultimate Cake Off tonight at 8:00!!! This is def a must watch! They are having a big screening party at my home church tonight, and I really wish I could be there!

She did such an amazing job on my cake, I absolutely loved it!!! And after the wedding everyone kept telling me that it was the best cake they had ever eaten!

It was exactly what I envisioned!

I really hope she wins! She is just so talented!

I know her! haha

Click HERE to visit her website

Also HERE is a link to an article about her that was in the Birmingham News.

Good Luck Barb!!!

(photo via, and TLC)

compost pot

My grandmother, Monnie, has been using a plastic bucket as her compost pot for many years, but she wanted something prettier for her kitchen. So she requested that I paint her a ceramic pot that she could use instead. I found the perfect pot for a great price at Old Time Pottery!

This is the finished result.

I really like how it turned out!

And Monnie loves it!

tie-dyed eggs

I found this idea on several different craft blogs and I knew I had to try it!

TIE-DYED EGGS! So amazing and fun!

Step 1: Find some old silk ties or go to the thrift store like I did. They have to be 100% silk or they won’t work! And remember ugly ties make the best eggs!

2. Cut the ties in pieces and wrap the eggs, printed side touching the egg. It also works best if the egg is horizontal.

3. Then cover the silk wrapped eggs in a cotton type fabric

4: Put the eggs in a pot and cover with water. Then add ¼ cup vinegar.

5: Bring the water to a boil, turn down heat and let it simmer for about 25 minutes

6: Remove eggs from water and let cool and when they are cool enough to touch remove the fabric. ( I get really impatient with this part)

I was so excited to see how they turned out!

I just love this effect!

For full, printable directions: Click here

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