love birds

Check out the new additions to my home!

I've been seeing more and more bird decor everywhere lately, and I'm loving it!

I got these cuties at Nadeau, a unique and affordable furniture store. The people at Nadeau travel all over looking for interesting handcrafted furniture that is built to last!  I loved everything in the store and I loved that most of the pieces were one of a kind.  If you haven't heard of Nadeau you should definitely check it out, there are several locations in the U.S..

After enjoying a springlike weekend and looking at my little birds I realized that I am so ready for warmer weather!


I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! 

Don't forget to check out the new issue of Rue! It's a good one...

                                                                                                                                                                         Did ya'll notice I gave my blog a little face lift?  What do you guys think?


A year ago today I started this blog! Here is a link to my very first post. I think I've come a long way!

So to celebrate I got a White Midnight Magic cupcake! I love an excuse to eat a delish cupcake, and I wanted to show off my new cupcake plate!  Check out my new tutorials page to find out how to make one.
Happy Blogiversary ADOR! I hope to have many more!
I got this delicious cupcake from Gigi's Cupcakes! So yum!
I look forward to another year of sharing my thoughts, crafts, and inspirations with everyone!

easy earring tutorial

Want to make some really easy and extremely low cost earrings in no time at all?

Good! Me too!

What you need:
-A matching pair of buttons
-Some old small earring studs you don't wear anymore or some craft earring posts and backs from Hobby Lobby.
-Hot glue gun
-Quilt batting
-Fabric of your choice
-Needle and thread
What to do:
-Hot glue the earring stud to the front of the button.  You want to make sure the smooth side is facing out.
 -Next cut out a circle of fabric that is 3 times the diameter of the button.
- Now get your needle and thread and sew a loose stitch around the edge of the circle.  Don't cut the thread yet.
-Get your quilt batting and cut out a circle that is the same size as your button.
-First put the batting circle in the middle of the sewn fabric circle and then put the button on top of that.
-Hold the three pieces together as you gently pull the thread so it gathers the fabric around the button and batting. (like you're making a fabric yoyo)
-After the fabric is pulled tight make a few stitches to secure it, knot the thread, and cut off the excess thread and fabric.
-Now just repeat these steps to make the other earring.
Now you're done! A new pair of earrings in less than 10 min!
You can easily make enough to match any outfit.
Aren't they so cute?  I get compliments whenever I wear a pair!

These are my favs!

Have fun!

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Convex mirrors!

I love the uniqueness and interest they add to a wall.  Either over a mantel, surrounded by wall decor, or alone on an empty wall, this mirror adds style and looks amazing.

You can pay big bucks for a retail version or you could take advice from Apartment Therapy and, "just purchase a safety circular convex mirror and have it framed at your local framers exactly as you want."  Other good places to find one of these unique mirrors is at local flea markets, yard sales, or ebay.

Also, I want to wish my dad a very Happy Birthday!  1.11.11  What a neat day to have a birthday!
Love you Dad!

(photos via christina murphy interiorslonny mag, domino on, and house beautiful)

i believe in auburn and love it

War Eagle! National Champions!!!!

What a year for Auburn! We won the Iron Bowl, SEC Championship, Cam won the Heisman, Coach of the Year, and now the National Championship!

It's great to be an Auburn Tiger, and I'm so proud to be an Auburn Alum!

Of all my years at Auburn I have never seen Toomer's this crazy! So fun!
Of course I made my Bama fan hubs go celebrate with me!  My fav part was watching him defend off all the War Eagles he received by just saying wrrrrr into his coat.  haha

I'm so glad we still live in Auburn and within walking distance of Toomer's corner!

lonny time

The Lonny Jan/Feb issue went live today! So as usual I will share my fav images and suggest you check it out!  This issue has some great interviews and tips!


I thought I would start off the new year with some color scheme love!

I still love a gray wall with pops of color.

What do you guys think?  So last year or still loving?

(photo via the decorista)