a crate&barrel christmas

I was just flipping through my new Crate&Barrel catalog and I found myself getting really inspired for Christmas decorating.  It may seem a little early to be thinking about Christmas but if you're on a budget like me, and want to make a lot of your decor, then you need to start soon. 

Also, if you don't get their catalog in the mail, you can view it on their website.


I want to live in a Crate&Barrel catalog!

 I love how they hung the cookie cutters.

How cute would these be at the kids table for Christmas dinner?

Mason jars with Christmas lights.  Definitely budget friendly. 

If you're short on space then this would be a great Christmas tree alternative.  And if you want a more rustic feel, it prob wouldn't be hard to make a version of this yourself using wood or branches.

 This also could be a great Christmas craft.  Wire + homemade snowflakes= unique Christmas decor 

They have a ton of really cute ornaments.  
DIY worthy?  You better believe it! 

Don't worry! I haven't forgotten about Thanksgiving!

(photos via crate&barrel)


  1. Great inspiration:) We live in an apartment and I don't even know where to fit the tree this year!

  2. I will have the same problem! Sad, but it's forcing me to be creative about coming up with tree alternatives.

  3. If you move into a Crate&Barrel catalog, can I be your neighbor? ;) Love them!!!

  4. Thanks for all the Christmas inspiration. Great blog!