porcelain paint fun

I thrifted a set of dessert plates and small candlesticks about a year ago with the intention of making a set of cupcake stands. Well, I finally got around to making them!

I felt inspired to paint a couple of pretty patterns with porcelain paint, which is permanent once baked in!

I mixed a little black paint with some white to create a pretty gray shade.
For the pinwheel pattern I created a stencil for even spacing.  I taped it to the plate as I painted.

After I painted the plates, I baked them in the oven to set the paint.  Then I used E6000 to glue the candlesticks to the bottom of the plates.

Very simple!

This pattern was inspired by the Kate Spade Market Street Collection

Now I have a set of six!

 Of course we had to test them out!
So this past weekend, in celebration of the final Harry Potter movie, my mom made some delish butterbeer cupcakes!  She used the recipe from Sweet Tooth! Highly recommend!
Makes me want to go back the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park and drink some yummy frozen butterbeer!

sun porch pallet swing

Last week, after I posted about my desire to transform an ugly wood pallet into a cute piece of furniture/decor, I found out that my granddad, Papa, did just that a long time ago!

He used reclaimed wood from a pallet and made a porch swing! So ador!

Papa is the DIY King for real! (actually his last name is King, ha) He is such an awesome carpenter, and has made so many beautiful things!

So that would make my grandmother, Monnie, the DIY queen.  She can sew anything, and of course she made those pillows and cushion!

As many times as I have sat on this swing...I never would have guessed it! Totally brill!

Seriously guys, they have the cutest house ever! Inside and out!


One of my family's favorite things to do at the beach is to collect seashells, and over the years we have accumulated quite a lot!  It is such a shame to have all those pretty shells stored away in boxes! We need to display those jokers...

Don't worry, there are ways to display all those tiny treasures without making your house look like a tacky beach condo! Take a hint from the following ideas and add a little summer fun to your home!

Spray paint different types of shells a matching color and mount them on framed fabric.
Addicted 2 Decorating

 For a subtle touch of summer, add a couple of pretty shells to your desk decor. (I think I have a really pretty one that would be perfect for this)
The Neotraditionalist

Display your larger shells on cake stands.
via Oliveaux

I love these empty muscle shells piled in a fireplace with candles! 
So coastal cottage!
Apartment Therapy

 Fill a big cylinder glass vase with your fav shells and display them on a bookshelf. (My parents used to display a vase filled will beautiful shells from their honeymoon, and when I was little, I remember loving to look at each one)
via Belle Maison

For a more carefree look, pile a bunch of mix matched shells on a stack of books.  Perfect for a side table or coffee table! (prob not a good idea if you have small children)
via Decor8

I highly recommend checking out the link below! It's a great tutorial showing you how to make shell topped bottles.

The Blessed Nest

Now for a little DIY of my own...

Of course our favorite shell to find is the sand dollar, and I came across a couple in my room the other day and decided they would look perfect hanging on my wall.

I used a frameless picture frame from Ikea, wrapped the fabric around, quickly secured it with tape (was in a hurry), then clipped on the metal hooks.  After that I hot glued the sand dollars directly to the linen. (Make sure to pull the edges tight and fold the corners neatly)

My parents have soooo many sand dollars, so I told my mom that she needed to do something similar in her master bath. It would be really pretty to have them mounted in shadow boxes and displayed on a gallery wall.

Kind of like this:
The Lettered Cottage

I hope everyone enjoys their 4th of July weekend!
I know I will because tomorrow I'm going to the beach!