shoe clip tutorial

Shoe clips!

The perfect spring accessory to make your plain flats or pumps more interesting.  

So get to crafting! This won't take long!
These shoe clips were inspired by the button earrings I made.  They are basically made the same way.

What you need:
-cardboard (I used a cereal box)
-needle and thread
-clip (hair clip or clip on earring)
-hot glue gun

What to do:
-Draw a 2 inch diameter circle on the cardboard and cut it out.
-Then cut out a 3.5 inch diameter circle from the fabric.

-Sew a loose stitch around the edge of the circle.  Then pull to slightly gather.  Don't cut the thread yet.
-Cut a piece of batting the same size as the cardboard circle.

 -Now it's time to assemble the pieces.

-Place the batting circle on top of the sewn fabric circle and the cardboard on top of that.
-Now pull the thread to completely close the fabric around the cardboard and batting. 

-Make sure the fabric is pulled tightly around the edges.  It helps to sew a few quick stitched on the back to ensure that everything is securely in place. Knot and cut the thread.
-Repeat these steps to make a pair.

-Then cut out two felt circles that are slightly smaller and glue on the back. 
-Now glue the clip on earrings to the back of the shoe clips.

-You can use just about any kind of clip to temporarily attach them to your shoes.
(bobby pins or hair clips will work great)
For these, instead of gluing the clips on, I cut two small slits in the felt and slid in one end of the clip.

These were so easy to make that I had to make a few more!

Too cute right?

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. i love your blog! i stumbled upon it and just think it's great. thanks!

  2. I love shoe clips, I've made them for all my sisters!! :)

    Yours are soo cute, I should give it a try!

  3. What a great idea! And so feminine. Thanks for sharing!

  4. These are fantastic! I'm thinking of making them with fabric rosettes :) Good work, and thanks for the idea!

  5. Seriously.. so cool! Thanks for the tutorial! Please come by and say hi sometime!

  6. Wow! Those really were easy to make. I would have thought it would be much more complicated than that. Thanks so much for sharing and for teaching me something new. They really are so cute!

  7. These are just adorable! Love the idea!

  8. Super cute- awesome tutorial! We would ♥ for you to link this up :)

    :)Lolly Jane