midweek cuteness

It's time for a Coco update!

The last time I blogged about her she was only ten weeks old and now she is 5 months!
I can't get over how big she has gotten! Look at this post to see how much she has grown.
She likes to pose for the camera...
look out the window...
and sleep on my lap while I try to blog!

fringe necklace

This is it! The last necklace of the week! 

Necklace #5: Fringe Necklace
 Adding this simply made necklace to a plain shirt will totally transform your look.
This was the inspiration:
 You can find the tutorial on InStyle.com.  In just a few simple steps you will have an adorable new statement necklace!

I'm kind of sad that necklace week is over!  
I might just have to do another one...

tassel necklace

This is the easiest DIY statement necklace! And since I already had everything needed to make it, I spent $0 on this necklace!

What you need:
tassel, charm, beads, necklace chain, ribbon
Slip a couple of beads on the tassel and string it on the necklace chain.  Then string on a charm.

The necklace chain I had wasn't as long as I wanted for this particular necklace style so I came up with a quick and easy trick to make it longer.
All you have to do is cut a couple pieces of ribbon and thread them through each end of the necklace chain.

Fold the ribbon in half and thread a bead onto the folded ribbon.

This will secure the ribbon in place.

See that wasn't too hard!

big bowed

I hope you guys are enjoying necklace week so far! I am!

Here is necklace #3! Def one of my favs!

My inspiration was a necklace from Lulu's that they no longer carry.  So I had to make my own!

I made the bow a little bit smaller and a slightly different shape.

Here is how I made the large bow...don't worry it's not hard at all!
Now all you have to do is string a necklace chain through the loop.

I hope that made sense! Let me know if you have any questions.

I hope everyone is having a great week!

pin it

I have been on a necklace making kick lately and I thought I would share my creations with you guys and have a little necklace week on my blog.

Here is necklace #2! Enjoy!

 This was the inspiration (I'm in love with that sweater)

Saw it, loved it, made it
What you need:
large pin, round metallic beads, necklace chain, long eyepins, spring ring clasp and eyelet, large chandelier beads, pliers

 String the necklace chain on the pin (I used a little super glue to make the chain stay in place)

Then I added a spring ring clasp and eyelet at the length I wanted and removed the excess chain.

Now take the eyepin and slide on beads in whatever pattern you want.

 Take your pliers and bend the end of the eyepin around the large pin a couple times to make a loop large enough to string on the pin. Trim off the excess.

Slide on the metallic beads and the dangly beads you just made.

Clasp the large pin and admire your new edgy/fancy necklace.


Speaking of "pins"...go check out my new Pinterest page!

Come back tomorrow for more necklace fun!

accordion strands

DIY Accordion Strands Necklace

  When I came across this tutorial I knew I had to try it out myself! It is so cute and unique and the best part is that it's an Anthropologie knock-off! 

The necklace on the right is the Anthropologie Accordion Strands Necklace
 and the one on the left is the necklace crafted by Yellow Blackbird.  I highly suggest you check out her blog! It is full of some great stuff and I love her tutorials!
I know this might look complicated to make but it is actually really simple and this great tutorial is easy to follow!

This is the accordion necklace I made.  It is pretty much made the same, but I decided to put 4 beads on each side instead of 3.

 Don't you just love these leopard print beads!  I have some flats that match perfectly!

 Luckily I already had the materials needed to make this super cute statement necklace so instead of spending $278 at Anthro, I spent $0!

Check back everyday this week for more DIY necklace ideas!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I hope everyone remembered to wear green today!

The Mar/April issue of Lonny came out last week and it is full of some wonderful inspiration as usual!  So to be festive, I thought I would share some of my fav Lonny images from the current issue that beautifully incorporate green into spaces.

(photos via lonny mag)