my faux mantle

Since we don't have a real fireplace and mantle, I decided to set up a fake mantle for holiday decorations.  The cabinet in our living area worked perfectly.

This is my Thanksgiving/Fall faux mantle.

This was my inspiration for the pine cones.

This hanging pine cone display was really simple to make.
 I used torn fabric, because I wanted a frayed natural look, but ribbon would look great too.
Just glue the fabric strips or ribbon to the top of the pine cone.  I used E6000, but hot glue or super glue would work too.  Make 7 of these and tie them together at varying lengths. 

Living in an apartment means I've had to learn to live with a few things.  Wood paneling, limited space, and loud neighbors, just to name a few.  However,  I know when I look back on my first year of marriage, I will only have good memories of our first home.


  1. Love it!!! Wow! Almost one year!!!

  2. VERY pretty and creative. I love decorating with pinecones. Thanks for the inspiration :o)

  3. Pretty! I love the natural looking fabric you used.

    Thanks for sharing at My Backyard Eden!

  4. That is awesome! I would love for you to come link up at the Strut your Stuff Party!