roy g. biv

I think it looks so nice to have closets organized in color order (ROYGBIV)

I used to have my clothes organized by color, but that didn't last long.  Then I tried hanging all shirts together and all dress together, etc.  Now I'm lucky to be able to squeeze everything in my closet.

How do you keep your closet organized?

(photos via things we heartapartment therapy)


  1. I would love to have a closet big enough to organize:) Since our room is small, I just shoved my dresser inside the closet and then dresses get hung up. One day I hope to kick my husband out of our coset (by getting him a dresser) and then one whole side can be for dresses and shoes...I'm a dreamer:)

  2. I have my closet organized by color, but not in roy g. biv order! Something to consider!