card display

Christmas cards can make wonderful holiday decorations if displayed creatively. Here are some unique ideas to display those pretty cards...
This is a Pottery Barn card holder that costs $200! Forget that! Use an old frame, wire, and clips and you will have a way cheaper version that looks just as cute.

A mattress spring hanging on the wall is a unique way to display all your lovely cards.  I love this idea!

An antique mattress spring would also look great.
(VT Interiors)

This is another great D.I.Y. idea.  Weave ribbon on a blank canvas. Simple.

 Use a curtain wire and clips to display all those special cards. Ikea has one for only $15!  It's also a great way to display your child's artwork, like they did in the image above.

 Another great way to display artwork your kids have created, but it could also be a good way to display your Christmas cards.  Hang a curtain rod on the wall and use curtain ring clips to hang the cards.

 Randomly crisscross ribbon across an empty large frame, and you won't even need clips.

 This is a Thanksgiving idea from Tatertots & Jello.  Use twine and an empty frame to fashionably display what you are thankful for.  This would also be a great way to display your Christmas cards. Check out the tutorial here.

 Cover cork board with a neutral fabric, frame it with an elaborate pretty frame, and pin up those pretty cards.

 Chicken wire+ empty frame= perfect place to clip cards

 Chicken wire over a mirror makes it even more cute!

Why not jazz up those clothespins with glitter or scrapbook paper!

The best part about these ideas is that you can leave them up year round.  Just replace the Christmas cards with photos or artwork.

(sorry I don't have sources for all the images)


  1. I made one of the chicken wire ones a few months back for my entry way. I like to swap out the pictures each month. It makes me actually print out some of the pictures from my digital camera:)

  2. I want to make the chicken wire/frame one. Thanks for all the creative ideas for card display!

  3. New follower here, just want to tell you that your blog is wonderful and thank you for sharing all these amazingly creative ideas.