napkin ring ideas

Need napkin ring ideas for the holidays?  I've found a few that I think you'll love!
Budget friendly? Yep!
Buckles and ribbon! This one is my fav! Click here for the tutorial.

This tutorial shows you how to make this pretty napkin wrap using linen, fabric glue, ribbon, and grommets.  If you want to simplify it even more, try using old ties.  

Rustic glam.  Simple to make. Check it out here.

If you think this looks too complicated for you to make, think again.  Martha will show you how in a few easy steps

You can buy these at Pottery Barn or you could go to the thrift store and try to make these yourself.  Cheap silverware is pretty easy to bend.
I found this idea in the Sweet Paul online mag.  Use a bundle of string to hold the flatware.  This can also double as a name card, just attach the card with a pin. So cute and unique.

Hope this helps!


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