sun porch pallet swing

Last week, after I posted about my desire to transform an ugly wood pallet into a cute piece of furniture/decor, I found out that my granddad, Papa, did just that a long time ago!

He used reclaimed wood from a pallet and made a porch swing! So ador!

Papa is the DIY King for real! (actually his last name is King, ha) He is such an awesome carpenter, and has made so many beautiful things!

So that would make my grandmother, Monnie, the DIY queen.  She can sew anything, and of course she made those pillows and cushion!

As many times as I have sat on this swing...I never would have guessed it! Totally brill!

Seriously guys, they have the cutest house ever! Inside and out!


  1. it's really well done! I'm gonna post a picture of this onto my pinterest repurposed board.... you'll get a bit of traffic to your blog probably!

  2. omg that is the freeking best thing ever ... you are so inspireing ... i need to get a new swing for my porch and was about to go and buy one ...until my girl who cuts my hair (i know girl who cuts my hair ... she has been a friend for 12 yearss) told me about this i typed it in and yours was thee picture i clicked ... i want one ... help me ..... ... all your help wud be much appreciated.... your awlsome

  3. I want one!! So cute. Would the DIY king share a how-to?? Btw love your scripture verse