tassel necklace

This is the easiest DIY statement necklace! And since I already had everything needed to make it, I spent $0 on this necklace!

What you need:
tassel, charm, beads, necklace chain, ribbon
Slip a couple of beads on the tassel and string it on the necklace chain.  Then string on a charm.

The necklace chain I had wasn't as long as I wanted for this particular necklace style so I came up with a quick and easy trick to make it longer.
All you have to do is cut a couple pieces of ribbon and thread them through each end of the necklace chain.

Fold the ribbon in half and thread a bead onto the folded ribbon.

This will secure the ribbon in place.

See that wasn't too hard!


  1. Love all the necklaces! Thanks for the great ideas!

  2. That is too cute! I loved all of the photos and the how-to. You made it seem really simple for this unique stylish necklace.

  3. this is really cute!! i love how different it is! i also love how you put pictures after each other to make one big picture! great idea! thanks for the inspiration! i found your blog on blue cricket design and i have been exploring! your blog is too cute! you should stop by my blog sometime madisonavenue2011.blogspot.com...feel free to follow ;) haha. it seems like you like things that have to do with fashion and every Friday i have fashionista Friday so you should check it out!

  4. Ok Love this too!! Fantastic..

  5. Very nice! Love the way you explained everything!! I found you thru Tip Junkie & I am ur newest follower!!

  6. Just wanted to let you know that I featured this today on FTF! Thanks for linking and grab a featured button if you would like! :)

  7. I actually love this piece & the big bow which is much easier than I've seen others do it. I love your blog so keep creating great things.