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I have been on a necklace making kick lately and I thought I would share my creations with you guys and have a little necklace week on my blog.

Here is necklace #2! Enjoy!

 This was the inspiration (I'm in love with that sweater)

Saw it, loved it, made it
What you need:
large pin, round metallic beads, necklace chain, long eyepins, spring ring clasp and eyelet, large chandelier beads, pliers

 String the necklace chain on the pin (I used a little super glue to make the chain stay in place)

Then I added a spring ring clasp and eyelet at the length I wanted and removed the excess chain.

Now take the eyepin and slide on beads in whatever pattern you want.

 Take your pliers and bend the end of the eyepin around the large pin a couple times to make a loop large enough to string on the pin. Trim off the excess.

Slide on the metallic beads and the dangly beads you just made.

Clasp the large pin and admire your new edgy/fancy necklace.


Speaking of "pins"...go check out my new Pinterest page!

Come back tomorrow for more necklace fun!


  1. That is super cute. I love it.

  2. I know you said you loved the sweater.. check out Walmart in the Women's clothing. There's one there that's just like it and I just noticed it last week so it should still be in stock!

  3. What a great idea!!! Love it!