accordion strands

DIY Accordion Strands Necklace

  When I came across this tutorial I knew I had to try it out myself! It is so cute and unique and the best part is that it's an Anthropologie knock-off! 

The necklace on the right is the Anthropologie Accordion Strands Necklace
 and the one on the left is the necklace crafted by Yellow Blackbird.  I highly suggest you check out her blog! It is full of some great stuff and I love her tutorials!
I know this might look complicated to make but it is actually really simple and this great tutorial is easy to follow!

This is the accordion necklace I made.  It is pretty much made the same, but I decided to put 4 beads on each side instead of 3.

 Don't you just love these leopard print beads!  I have some flats that match perfectly!

 Luckily I already had the materials needed to make this super cute statement necklace so instead of spending $278 at Anthro, I spent $0!

Check back everyday this week for more DIY necklace ideas!


  1. Oooh I really love the leopard print! Great job! I am so glad you used my tutorial!

  2. It is really cute! Thanks for showing a picture wearing it, it gives perspective as to the size.