pine lake

This past weekend we took a little trip with a few friends to one of my fav places!  Our family tree farm, Pine Lake in Fayette, AL.  We had a lot of fun fishing, riding four wheelers, hiking, watching football (war eagle), playing horseshoes,  hitting golf balls (driving range style), and making creative s'mores!  My new fav way to make s'mores is to use chocolate covered graham crackers with a toasted strawberry marshmallow, so yum.  Another tasty s'mores alteration is to use a Reese's cup instead of Hersey's milk chocolate.

Pine Lake has always been such a special place for me and my fam to go and get away from the "real world".  My great-grandfather started the tree farm, and my grandparents have done an amazing job taking care of it and improving it through the years.  When I was little I thought everyone had their own Pine Lake but as I got older I began to understand how blessed I was.  I have made so many priceless memories here with my family and I know when I have kids they will cherish this place as much as I do.


 Such a fun trip! I left feeling refreshed.


  1. ahh this looks like so much fun. I love fishing! except for I despise touching the fish or taking him off the hook eww.
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  2. Looks like you had a great time!! I wish I could have been there! :) Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks!!!