modcloth print cuteness

Modcloth is one of my fav websites.  They have the cutest clothes, shoes, accessories, and small decorative items.  I check it everyday to see the new arrivals.  Today they added some really adorable prints that were just too cute not to share!  I think they would be perfect for a craft room or a kid's room.  The best part is that they are only $15 each!  

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 Also, a couple people asked if the the candles I showed you how to decorate in my candle tutorial could be burned.  I wasn't really sure, so I decided to try it out on one of the tapered candles that I kind of messed up on...
I don't recommend burning the tapered candles.  I let it burn for a while, forgot about it, remembered, then panicked because the tissue paper caught on fire and there was a huge flame!

The larger column candles would probably be fine to burn because the flame wouldn't be close enough to burn the tissue paper.  The tapered candles should probably just be decorative. So, if you make these to give as gifts, make sure to tell this to the recipient.

I think they are pretty to look at, and I don't think I could burn something that I spent time making. But that's just me.


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