murder mystery

Last night we went to our Sunday school class's murder mystery party.  It was so much fun seeing everyone get into character!

It was themed around the 70's, so we had to dress the part.  Let me introduce you all to Charles and Carol, detectives.  We were given character backgrounds before we arrived and once we got to the party we were given more information and different tasks to do throughout the night.  We also were given fake money, handcuffs, and a detective badge. 
The setting was our high school reunion and we were investigating a murder of one of our former classmates.  Everyone was a suspect.  The night got a little more interesting as more murders were committed.  It was a lot of fun playing a 70's detective but, we were not that great at it! After a few attempts at bribery,  Jake told me that you're not supposed to say, "I'll pay you money if you tell me what you know",  your supposed to be "smooth" about it! haha!  So I just left that part up to him.  At the end of the night everyone wrote down who they thought committed all the murders, and we also voted on best acting, and best costume.  We guessed completely wrong!  I had no clue!  So I guess it's good that I'm not a detective in real life!
With a little photo editing and our "vintage" apartment in the background, I think these pics look totally 70's!
He had a hard time smiling with that crazy mustache!  It's hard not to laugh when I look at this! 
Super groovy!  Right?
Jake would probably really look like this if he grew his hair out!


  1. Oh my gosh! Too cute! Lol~ I think Jake should grow his hair out. I've always wanted to go to one of those murder mysteries! Can't wait to hear more details!