I turned 24 yesterday, and had a fun weekend thanks to my family and friends!

On Saturday we had lunch at Joe's Italian with the fam, complete with a giant piece of their amazing strawberry cake!

I also went shopping with my mom and sister and of course we had to get a Passion Fruit FrosTea!

On Sunday we went to church, then my mom cooked an amazing birthday lunch, and topped it off with some awesome chocolate cake.  Then I took a really long nap which was probably caused by a sugar crash.

My birthday cake was from  Edgar's Bakery (they have the best) 
I thought it was so pretty and fallish, and it tasted amazing as always!
Last night we met some friends at Taziki's to celebrate my life (haha), saw Easy A (cute movie, I laughed a lot), then on the way home Jake and I spontaneously decided to go to the new Yogurt Mountain in Hoover.  Let's just say I need to go on a serious sugar detox!

I had a great birthday, and I think I'll like being 24


  1. Welcome to the 24 yr old club:) I don't know why...but turning 25 next year scares me! Ha!