ring the bell (tutorial)

I saw this ring on katespade.com, and thought it was so ador!

I didn't have $65 to spend on a ring so I decided to make my own version for a whole lot less.
What you need:
-jingle bells (They have a million different sizes at Hobby Lobby so just get the size that would look best on your finger)
-craft rings (also found at Hobby Lobby)
-mini wire cutters 
-mini needle nose pliers
-a strong glue
 What to do:
-Since I didn't want an annoying loud ring, I bent out one of the sides of the bell just enough to remove the ball. (a small flat head screw driver works the best)
-To flatten the loop on the bottom, I used mini wire cutters to cut it in half.
-Then I used needle nose pliers to push up the two cut pieces of the loop.

-Now all you have to do is put a drop of glue on the ring and attached the bell.
-It didn't take me long at all to make a few jingle bell rings.
Cute and festive!