target's designer capsule collection

I love it when designers collaborate with Target for more affordable options!

My most recent fav about to hit the stores is John Derian! I’m sure most of you have seen/heard about this but I thought I’d share just in case.

Here is a little preview of what will be available at Target starting Sept. 5!

John Derian for Target

love! love! love!

I really need some cute binders to keep all my craft/design ideas and inspirations in. I think I may just have to get these!

Here are two other designers about to be in Target stores!

Tucker for Target

Mulberry for Target

It you can’t wait until Sept. 5 go over to for a chance to buy from Target’s designer capsule collection today!

(photos via target)


  1. I just found your blog and I love it:) Interior Design was also my major in college:) I love to read blogs where other people rent their space too...its hard coming up with non permanent ways to decorate! Anyways, thought I would say "hi" and I can't wait for these items to hit Target!

  2. I thought I'd poke around your blog some more after seeing a link to your candle tutorial and now I'm absolutely in love! I'm following because you put up the best posts! Especially this one. I had no idea Target was coming out with such neat stuff but now I know to be on the lookout.