just for fun

I came across this awesome photo editing technique the other day! It's called tilt-shift. It makes real life scenes in photos look like miniature models. I have no idea how to do this myself but I found this really neat tilt-shift photo editing tool. You just upload a pic adjust a few settings to your liking and then you have a "miniature" picture! Try it here! They also have a flickr group where people post their own pictures they edited with the tilt-shift maker. There are some really amazing images.

I tried out the tilt-shift maker a few times using pictures from different trips.



and a few others I created...


  1. How cute! I'm doing a photography project on my blog where I take a picture every day for a year so I know I'll want to toy around with different editing techniques. Got to keep things interesting! This'll come in handy.

  2. I love, love, love tilt shift! I am an iPhone photo app junkie (junky?) and totally need a support group. Tilt shift is perfect for when I don't want to fuzz out the outside of a picture but really want to get the focus on my children! Plus, obvs, the minature-y effect thing-y is like magic! Whew! Ok, back to regular programming!