tea light

So I'm sure by now everyone has seen the brilliant craft of gluing plates or bowls to candlesticks and magically creating a beautiful serving piece. But this by far is my favorite!

Teacups + candlesticks = happy time

I found these teacups and candlesticks at a thrift store and thought they would be perfect for a little votive candle or to hold jewelry!

This one is so Anthropologie! I originally made it to sell on Etsy but I'm not sure that I can part with it!

This one is actually a birthday present for my grandmother! When I saw this teacup I immediately thought of her! It will look perfect in her bedroom!

If you want to make these yourself I suggest using Gorilla Glue Epoxy. I can't wait to make more!

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  1. This is a unique idea. It is a fun way to make a party favor or give as a gift..and it is a thoughtful gift.

  2. Love this! So simple, and it looks so cute! :-)

  3. This is one of the cutest things!! I was eyeing a teacup set at the trift store today. I'll have to go back and get it... plus the glue...thank you

  4. just came across you on Tatertots and Jello and I love love love this! Now I will be keeping my eye out for teacups and candleholders.

  5. Thanks! I'm so glad ya'll like it! Have fun searching for teacups!

  6. I totally love this! I'm making a thrift store trip today, and I will definitely keep my eyes peeled for stuff to make these! Love your blog :)