craft swap with pocket of presh

I recently did a craft swap with my best friend Natalie! She is a fashion designer and is amazing at sewing clothes! I really wanted a red skirt but couldn't find one I liked anywhere and she wanted to buy one of my headbands so we decided to just do a little swap. I made her a couple headbands and a necklace and she made me a beautiful red skirt!

Here it is...

I just love it! Better than anything I could buy in a store! She did a better job modeling it over at her blog Pocket of Presh! So perfect!

And these are the accessories I made her...

I love craft swaps!


  1. Glad you like it! Can't wait to wear the headbands and necklace!

  2. Your necklaces and headbands are incredible! You are so talented and creative!

  3. are the necklaces available anywhere?

  4. I would love to buy a necklace. I will have to wait until the 30-for-30 challenge is over, but after that, hopefully you will be interested in making one for me!!

  5. Thanks! I'm so glad ya'll like it! So far I have just been selling them locally but I hope to open my etsy shop soon.

    But if you want one now just email me and we can work something out.