apt. 33 (part one)

After Jake and I got married I moved into his one bedroom apartment in Auburn. We consider ourselves very blessed to have come across this apartment at the perfect time. It is a three minute walk to class for Jake and it is a really great price.

That being said, it was not the most attractive apartment. It has wood paneling everywhere! No offense to those of you who have wood paneling in your homes but I just love a good smooth painted wall. Also, the apartment came furnished with furniture that looks like it came out of a beach condo from the 80’s, and we are not allowed to remove it. I had quite the challenge ahead of me, but I did have a lot of fun transforming apt. 33.

We found this old desk at a thrift store. It was transformed by adding shelves for Jake's video game stuff, a few coats of paint, and new knobs and pulls. We are kicking ourselves for not taking a before picture.

The chairs were also found at a thrift store. We sanded them down, painted them, and reupholstered with linen. Once again no before picture.

The rug is from World Market and I love it!

Since I was not allowed to remove the awful sofa and armchair I had to figure out a way to make them look better. I knew slipcovers were out of the question because they wouldn’t look right with the wood arms. So I bought some cheap fabric and safety pinned the fabric to the cushions. You can’t even tell it was safety pinned. It was a quick, easy and cheap solution.

It has actually held up great

This is the gross upholstery that I had to cover up

I painted some old frames with leftover paint from the TV stand

More pictures to come...


  1. Looking good!! I love the rug and curtains!!

  2. Unbelievable! You made wood paneling look high fashion! So Anthropologie! Love it!