my valentine

For Valentine's Day I left small gifts for Jake to open every hour while I was at work.  They were pretty cheesy, but he had fun with it.  The first 9 gifts were fruit or candy with a little tag that said "We're just Mint to be!" or "I go Bananas over you!"

 The 10th gift he opened at 5 was the one I was most excited about!  The box said "We are Picture perfect!", and inside was a custom made...
I used some of our favorite pictures of the two of us and designed the reel on Image3D!
The website was easy to use and I love how it turned out!
The picture in the middle is so adorable! I saw it on Pinterest a while ago and loved how it looked like Jake and me with our glasses on!
 Such a special gift!
I make a card for Jake every year and since my guy is very techy I thought a QR code card would be perfect!
I used the Google QR code generator for the front and inside! No words on this card! He loved it, and had fun using his phone to read the card!

Husband did a good job as well!  He sent me roses at work, built shelves in my craft cabinet, and surprised me with red velvet cheesecake from Hamilton's! I love my forever Valentine!


  1. Wow! A personalized viewmaster is pretty much the coolest V-day gift I've ever heard of.

  2. awww so swt...... u guys r really picture perfect:-) love ur blog:-)