friendship bracelet with gold chain

I'm back!
Sorry for the delay is posting this year!

To make it up, I'll start out the blog year with a little DIY...

Friendship bracelet with gold chain!
When I was little, I would make these all the time! So I was very excited to see these back in style!
To dress it up a bit I added a gold chain in the middle (from Hobby Lobby)

I tied the embroidery thread on either side of the chain and followed THIS tutorial to braid in the chevron design.  
Make sure to make a small braid a couple inches long so you can tie it around your wrist.
So fun!


  1. They are very exquisite and refined. A touch of class those bracelets are. Perfect for the oscars. They match with these wedding rings melbourne.

  2. Lovely colours. I can’t remember seeing anyone making friendship bracelets this detailed or this good before when they were last around.

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