color blocking

I know you all are familiar with this huge trend in fashion right now...color blocking!  
Basically, it is assembling different blocks of solid color next to each other in an outfit.

It is all about color saturation on a neutral canvas!

1. The Blonde Salad 2. Atlantic-Pacific 3. Pinterest 4. Sterling Style

This trend isn't just for fashion anymore, it works great for interiors too!

When color blocking in fashion you typically only see 2-3 colors used, however since a room is a lot more space to work with, I think it is safe to use 2-5 colors for interiors.

Here are some visual examples…

via Lonny and Elle Decor
via Once Wed and Pinterest
via Pinterest and Once Wed
via Marie Claire Maison and Black.White.Yellow

If you are not up to committing to color blocking a whole room, try this trend in a small section of your home.  Like these books on this bookcase.

via Small Shop

So take a hint from this fashion trend and start color blocking your space!


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