make it playful

I get some of the best decor inspiration from store displays, and while shopping with my mom the other day, I got just that! 

Anthropology always has the best displays, and I love it when I can easily apply some of their ideas to my decor!  One of my favorite ideas was some puzzle pieces surrounding a candle in a glass container. I loved it! So of course I headed straight to the thrift store and bought a puzzle.  I already had the perfect container and candle for my little project, so the total cost of this cute decor was only $1!

My second idea came from Consigning Interiors & Antiques in Pelham, AL.  There were a ton of great ideas there, but my fav was def the dominoes and dice in apothecary jars!  I have an apothecary jar that I usually keep filled with candy or mints, but I have been trying to think of something unique to put in it.  As soon as I saw it I knew dominoes would be the perfect thing.  I used my paw paw's old domino set, which makes it even more special. 

I think they add fun and playfulness to my home.


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