fresh centerpiece inspiration

I want to share some super cute centerpiece ideas I saw on Rachael Ray's website. I love it when I find new ideas for inspiration.

I will def do this one day!

Who would have thought…love it!

Yep, that is ice! And you can make these yourself! Fill a cardboard milk or juice carton with water, then dip a wood spoon handle in the center and secure it in place with tape. Let it freeze overnight, then your ready to peel the carton away and put flowers in the hole you created with the spoon! Place it on a rimmed plate and you have a very unique centerpiece! I love this idea!

These are so ador! All you have to do is take colorful patterned socks and slip them over small pots, cups, or jars. Cut off the bottom of the socks so the pots are flat on the table. They also suggest using infant socks with juice tumblers for a smaller look!

Another cute idea is to have a floral arrangement on a cake plate under a glass dome.

This one is very unique! Jell-O! Six boxes of Jell-O with half the water it calls for. Chill it until it is semi-firm and push flowers in!

This one is simple and colorful! Just slip embroidery thread spools over test tubes!

These were just some of my favorites, click here to view more!

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  1. These are such cute ideas! I like the one where the flowers are totally submerged too! Seems like that one and the jello both kind of require practice and like you'd have to get a little bit cheaper flowers, or at least I would have to, haha!