fabric and ribbon flowers!

I have been having a lot of fun lately with an adorable craft! Fabric flowers! They can be used for headbands, necklaces, belts, clothing, basically anything. But I’m going to warn you right now that this is very addicting!

I used tutorials found on some of my favorite craft blogs. There are several different techniques to make fabric flowers, and I used 7! Click here, here, here, here, here, here, and here to learn how to make these cute little flowers.

All of theses flowers have clips attached underneath so I can clip them on different necklace chains, headbands, belts, and dresses.

These are all the headbands I made! I love them! I modeled a few of my favorites.

I also made a couple of necklaces!

As you could probably tell by all these pictures I got a little carried away and eventually had to just put up the fabric and walk away.

So fun!


  1. These are Amazing. You seriously need to sell these on Etsy...or just sell all of them to me....

  2. These are tooooo cute Melissa! I would definitely buy a neckalace and head band!! :)

  3. They are sooo cute!!! I can see now what you were talking about...just walk away!! I think you have enough to accessorize a small African village! :)

  4. the flowers are elegant and amazing! i love them on the headbands and chain necklaces.