my centerpiece

For my fall wedding I wanted to use polished logs for the centerpieces. So I asked my wonderful grandfather, Papa, if he could possibly make them using logs from the family tree farm, and he said he would! He worked sooo hard on them, and they turned out beautifully!

Papa added a little surprise by inlaying our names in the logs! It made them even more special!

This was the centerpiece for all the tables in the reception.

I also used the logs in other places throughout the reception.

Guest book table

And candy bar

After the wedding I was excited to figure out fun ways to reuse them! I put one on my desk with some candles from the centerpieces.

They also work great with lamps!

My mom put a candle on hers.

For Christmas dinner my grandparents used one as a centerpiece with little Santas.

I painted Jake and me on one as a Christmas gift for Monnie and Papa. They loved it!

My personal favorite is the clock Papa made for us! I have the best granddad ever!

I can't wait to find more uses for my special logs!

I love you Papa!

Also, before the wedding I set up a Flickr account so people who took pictures at our wedding could easily share them with us. I made little cards for each table that included instructions on how to get to our account. So if you have some pictures from our wedding we would love to see them! Thanks to those of you who have already posted some!
ID: Jake_and_Melissa
Password: 112109


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